Bloom County has the Answer!

Bloom County has the Answer!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tea Party Day - Thanks for the Coverage

Yesterday was a great day to let the government officials know what we really think - as it seems they've been living in a glass bubble, or some such nonsense. While their outrage over Representative Wilson's "You Lie" (God Bless you - finally someone in Washington with a pair - help this guy out to the President (and for the record, he did lie - as abortion will be covered, and illegal immigrants will be covered - though the loophole has been changed since then) during his bulleted outline off his beloved teleprompter of all the things achieved in Utopia (located way to the left of the USA), since they definitely will not actually occur in the Health Care bill itself has sent them over the edge, at the same time feeding at the financial trough, paid for by those same people protesting in DC, and treated as "mobs," "nazis," "kkk," and astroturf," (and those are just the nice words) - the networks did their part, by not covering the event, except for Fox News.

Maybe it's time for us to consider some of the things that work in other countries, since the supporters of Health Care Reform love to bring up how great health care is in every country but ours (which obviously isn't true, but that's never stopped the leftinistas before). How about a parliamentary system which allows for more representation than the captive two party behemoths we currently have? How about true freedom of speech as heard in the parliament, such as in Britain, without the threat of censuring elected officials (and I recommend contributing early and often to Representative Wilson's campaign, the left has already handed his opponent over $1 million dollars - we need to help), and here's a crazy notion - how about listening to the people who elected you, as you as our leaders follow "lock-step" towards the destruction of our system?

We can have every camera trained on Washington DC if we have the Million man march (when 100,000 actually show up) or Greening protestors who claim that Global Warming is on the move (it actually is, as temperatures have been dropping over the years, and thousands of scientists have shown that the warming craze by these loons doesn't exist - hence the new name Climate Change, again with the same results, less change in your pocket), but when real patriots take over the Capital, not a peep - they're busy covering all the nasty people who aren't Democrats - while the vidiots like Olber-woman, Christine Matthews, and the only man on MSNBC, Rachel Maddows continue their worship of Dough-bama. We have entered the rabbit hole, in the looking glass.

You know, maybe Bill Maher is right, the American people are stupid - but only the ones who voted for Obama, and even worse, the number of them that are still supporting NO-bama! Can you honestly believe this? How about this - those who still believe in the CHOSEN ONE - you send your money - oh, you won't? It's much easier to send others money - that's what I thought (sidebar: did you notice that the little TARP monies that actually went out - around 20% around this writing has virtually all gone to the districts that voted Democrat - look it up. And another point, if so little went out, and yet the economy is starting to turn around - which it would have faster, if left alone - then where did that other money go? To the 40 CZARS and their staffs, and the rest to MOVEON and ACORN, or maybe other moron talking heads like the people that come on CNN like my new favorite idiot (use big words around him, he loves it): Sam Tanenhaus who wrote The Death of Conservatism, since that didn't consider Conservatives best Friend, Barak who's negatives have done more to bring the conservatives back, since Ronald Reagan's positives???)

I am reminded of one of the best lines from a movie - V for Vendetta - "The citizens should not fear the government, government should fear the citizens." And are you curious which movie represents what's happening in our government right now? Well, since Atlas Shrugged hasn't been made into a movie - many argue this is actually the dramatization of the book -I'd suggest Titanic - just watch out for ice bergs? (and that wasn't a shot at Barney Frank, though that would most likely look like Teddy Kennedy)

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