Bloom County has the Answer!

Bloom County has the Answer!
Only time I smile about Socialized Medicine!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Conservative Libertarianism's Comeback

Excellent article by David Paul Kuhn, over at Real Clear Politics (if you haven't check out this site, you need to, as you keep up on what's happening to this government, and this country):

Conservative Libertarianism's Comeback

Great points made, demonstrating that Americans are usually right of center, and President Obama was able to present himself to his base as the alternative to Bush - unfortunately, the Bush Administration made it too easy for him, as he still is attacking the ghosts of the past government, and now he'll have to stand on his own - but with the virtually free pass from the "drive-by" media, slowly the people are realizing that they participated in oldest game in the book, politics at it's worst, as a political ponzai scheme.

Now, it's your time to take back government - it's no longer the days of "Ask not what your government can do for you..." it's time to do for ourselves, and government needs to get out of the way!!!

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