Bloom County has the Answer!

Bloom County has the Answer!
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Step Closer to the Governmental Apocalypse - No More Choice

Just another nail in the coffin holding Free Choice with the Senate vote 60-39 on Health Care - soon there will be nothing left, that will give future researchers any evidence that this was once a proud example of Capitalism & Free Choice - The Senate and House will pass this disgusting piece of legislation, which promised Health Care for All (and doesn't do any of that) - the thought police will run rampant, as more words will be twisted to fit the premise the Government is good and good and can only be achieved by Government, since it's good - love the circular argument, saddened by the demise of original thought, with this mandate that requires Americans buy insurance - please show me where in the Constitution this exists? - but don't let the Democrats allow you the rain on their parade - if planned carefully, this package will finally pass around Mayday (isn't that when the communist countries have their celebrations - no we are ONE - the first major step for the New World Order - I had always thought that was just conspiracy theory, but today - this adds to ample evidence that it is true) - We don't need Santa, government has just handed out gifts to special interests and political cowards, with all of us picking up the tab (luckily the debt ceiling has been raised to 12.9 trillion - while Obama announces that this will reduce the deficit).

From our friends at the Wall Street Journal Blog - a breakdown of the numbers in this political power grab:

"The Senate just passed its version of the health-care bill by a vote of 60-39. Over the next month or so, the Senate and House will try to work out the differences between the bills.
Here’s a quick overview of some of the key effects of the Senate bill, based on estimates from CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation for the years 2010-2019.
$395 billion in federal spending to expand the number of people covered by Medicaid and CHIP, insurance programs for the poor.
$436 billion in federal spending pay for health-insurance exchanges that would largely be used by people who don’t get health insurance through work. Most of that money would be in the form of subsidies for insurance premiums for people earning up to four times the poverty level.
$398 billion in new taxes. That includes the tax on high-value health-insurance plans, new fees on health insurers and drug and device makers, and higher payroll taxes for high earners.
$483 billion in cuts to projected spending for Medicare and other programs. This includes reductions in projected costs for privately administered Medicare Advantage programs and a new formula likely to lower annual increases in payments to hospitals.
31 million additional people would have health insurance by 2019 because of the bill.
23 million people in this country would still be uninsured."

So you know who to vote out in the next election - we've had historic votes in the past, but they were reached in a Bi-partisan manner - this was a disgusting power grab by the Democrats who see government as the solution, ultimately removing all options and choices, so that right or wrong, government is your only choice. The hypocrites, the supposed moderate Democrats who voted only after the gifts handed to them by the Democratic leadership - fortunately, we will remove many of them in 2010, but unfortunately, the damage has been done - and most of the American people will wake up far too late.

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