Bloom County has the Answer!

Bloom County has the Answer!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sarah Palin: A True Libertarian!

I've always been a supporter of the Great Man: Ronald Reagan - his principles which he never wavered from, allowed America to stand tall in the world, through the emphasis on less government, less taxes and more liberty! I believe there is a new leader to take the mantle that is tragically left wanting ever since the Great Man passed away: Sarah Palin!
She has taken on the forces that have set out to destroy her, and our way of life, and they would have succeeded with any lesser person would have given up - but she marches forward - below is a message I sent to her facebook page, and I recommend you join her page as well - as a true libertarian with Reagan's values and Patriotic values:
"Congrats Sarah, keep fighting the good fight - with rumors swirling about possible political endeavors, I feel the Republican establishment has done everything it can, to muffle your voice, as demonstrated with the 2008 election - your voice speaks to the independents/those who don't identify as republicans and democrats - though many of the rank in file supported you - if you do consider a run - and we've all heard the independent/third party trial balloons being voiced in the media, please consider the Libertarian Party - when you were announced as a candidate for VP, my first thought was "finally, the libertarian on the ticket." God Bless, and best of luck, whatever you decide to do - you have my vote!"
Here's hoping the Sarah continues to blaze her own path, and I have to believe that the Great Man is looking down and smiling!

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