Bloom County has the Answer!

Bloom County has the Answer!
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Favorite Idiot: Kurt Anderson!!!

Obama supporter - while trying not to show any bias on CNN Reliable Sources (and failing miserably), Kurt Anderson from NPR, New York Times and Time magazine - in partnership with CNN - a conflict of interest which wasn't reported in this piece - do I smell a Pulitzer? Maybe a Nobel Prize - Paul Krugman received one without any discernible talent or trait except that he's an unapologetic liberal who believes government is the only solution (of course no bias from any of those "reliable sources" - NPR, New York Times, or Time - throw in NBC/MSNBC, and you'd have the four horsemen of the political and economic apocalypse) - who tries to act like he knows more than everyone else and deigns to bloviate to us from on high, having finished written the latest rag, RESET (pointless drivel that only your cat, or his mom would love) explaining how our society will no longer be involved in a name calling process in just a couple years with our new administration, while he complained about the "nuttiness of idiots" (his words) like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh - amazing - with a straight face. Even the Moderator kept trying to give him some extra rope, which he kept creating a hangman's noose. [Sidenote - Later the moderator criticized Glenn Beck for not disclosing information about a person he was reporting on (Mark LLoyd the new FCC Diversity Czar from the Color of Change organization that started the boycott on Beck's show - these liberals are so tolerant, unless you disagree with them) - which Beck had, but we digress - while not disclosing this conflict of using a Time magazine-CNN reporter on his own program in Reliable Sources]
So we did a little research on this supposedly unbiased reporter - first from his twitter page -

"On Twitter: Kurt Andersen
@wodekszemberg Yes -- my word-loathing party already includes impact as a verb, and many, many more. It's a big-tent party. - 14 hours ago
I'm disappointed in Obama for the first time: in his EMK eulogy today he used the unnaceptable "penned" as a synonym for "wrote." - 16 hours ago
Just drove eldest kid back to Vassar. Surprised & oddly pleased to see Reagan portrait taped on a dorm room window facing out. Diversity! - 16 hours ago "

The first "tweet," reminds me of 1984 with the goal of removing as many "wasteful" words as possible, perhaps Anderson is auditioning for a job in the current administration?
The second "tweet," definitely shows no bias (and actually no honest reporting) in his bro-mance with Obama - good objective coverage - that's what we like to see!
The third "tweet," is actually stunning - a Reagan portrait at Vassar (public school education, this is not) - must be a result from one of their "diversity - get in touch with your feelings, since you've offended everyone" training seminars!

These comments from one medium, demonstrating no bias (?) or a person above it all (?) or even super rich (?), needs to be compared to his own comments (written? penned? how about drawn with crayons, or scratched on a cave wall - I like those ones) from his RESET blog on

"In ">Reset, I range pretty widely over politics, economics, pop culture and more. And as I finish my blogging for this week (thanks,!), I'm struck by the hopeful reset signs I continue to see all over the place.
In the book, I write about Hollywood's imminent reality check, how $20-million-a-picture movie stars' dull autopilot films may be about to be a thing of the past. Well, sure enough, here's today's New York Times, with a front–page story about how the summer's movie-star-fronted ">movies bombed.
Also in today's Times is a long piece confirming my central, hopeful Reset argument that that the quarter-century party's finally, really over for the super-rich. Meanwhile, the Fed chairman today “offered his most hopeful assessment in more than a year,” declaring that “the prospects for a return to growth in the near term ">appear good.”
And in the current New Yorker, Rick Hertzberg explains how California's profound political dysfunction may be about to reset radically, producing a state constitutional convention whose re-founders would be chosen randomly. Awesome.
It's the end of the world as we've known it. Sanity and common sense are returning. The new age is dawning."

Now, to be fair, I'm sure he was the kid who was always picked last in any event, and probably got tired of being stuffed in lockers in school (must have had plenty of time to write about his utopia, but maybe the airholes weren't big enough) - though those flashbacks must be tough, with the kinds of "oppressed people" (don't believe me, just ask them) who hang out at NPR (another public assistance program), though they can all feel empathy for one another, since they've all faced the shame - and with a face for radio, he has risen high in the ranks on the backs of the downtrodden - I'm surprised the whole crew at NPR hasn't pushed for the banning of lockers, though we do see the push for free and reduced lunches (probably because they all got tired of having their lunch money taken), but don't worry, Obama still has 1200 days of America's occupation to do so.

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