Bloom County has the Answer!

Bloom County has the Answer!
Only time I smile about Socialized Medicine!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Post-American World?

I see our President is preparing for a post-American world - the only way this would be possible is with the current-Obama world with constant government intervention keeping us from growing to our fullest potential - I guess his nightstand is too full of Alinsky, Marx, Ayers, Wright, and Zakaria to read Lewis, Orwell, Rand, and Paul which he should, since they are written about him and what this government is doing to us! You think the bailouts and health care plans are something - wait until you see the Cyber Security bill S. 773 coming up next that will give control of the internet to the President when he declares a state of emergency (which could be anytime someone disagrees with him - so be prepared). The complete bill is listed with our friends from

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