Bloom County has the Answer!

Bloom County has the Answer!
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Robert Gibbs: International Man of Mystery!?!

Our favorite punching bag from the Obama administration (since we can't get hold of the big O-man himself, who's either handing out bailouts to his friends, on vacation, or walking on water) - enjoy the videos of Sgt. Schultz, we mean Sgt. Gibbs - not doctored, actual presentations by Gibbs (or silly G as we like to call him)

And this is just classic Gibbs B.S. vs. Rick Santelli


"The United States is facing its biggest financial crisis in ages. North Korea is blowing up nukes. Dick Cheney warns us of the "dangers that have not gone away." And there are still wars raging in Afghanistan and Iraq.
But over in the White House press briefing room, it’s a veritable laugh riot.
Whenever there’s laughter in the James S. Brady Briefing Room — by either the briefer or the briefed — the official White House stenographer indicates as much by inserting “(Laughter.)” into the transcript.
And in Robert Gibbs’ first four months as President Barack Obama’s press secretary, there have been more than 600 instances of “(Laughter.)” during his regular press briefings — an average of more than 10 laughs per day.
It’s a gaudy statistic — and one that puts his predecessors to shame.
Dana Perino, George W. Bush’s last press secretary, got all of 57 laughs in her first four months. Scott McClellan, another Bush press secretary, got just 66 laughs in his first four months.
Gibbs even bests the late Tony Snow, whose jocular performances — dubbed “The Tony Snow Show” by some — drew a relatively paltry 217 laughs during his first four months on the job.
Tim Graham, who watches for liberal press bias at the Media Research Center, says all the high times may be a sign of reporters’ political affinity with the Obama administration.

Read more:"

Obviously, most of this is unintentional, though who knows with the entire Obama administration demonstrating they're nothing but a joke, what else could it be? And did you catch that last sentence above "may be a sign of reporters' political affinity with the Obama administration." YOU THINK??? The media bias has been achieving catastrophic levels with warm fuzzies everytime Obama enters the room with his teleprompter, as this administration can do no wrong, from increase in bailouts, increase in deficits, socialized medicine, interrogation in the white house, possible defeat in Afghanistan, 33 CZARS and counting, creation of a National Service army, and overall government malfeasance - but hey, it's your ride - I just shouldn't have to pay for it!!!

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